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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Adventures with a Bar Cart

So some time ago I watched Cierra put together an ikea bar cart and decorate it for the holiday.  I have always liked decorating for holidays but it seems as we get older I just am not into decorating the whole house except at Christmas.  After looking around I just didn't find a cart I liked enough so had postponed the idea until I came across this one Craigs List ad.  It was her mothers cart stored in the garage with other items.  The glass top lifts off for a display area and the wood, shape and wheels fit into our eclectic western house.  $60 bucks later we are the proud owner of a bar cart ~

                             First display was grab around the house and see how it fits in...
Craigs trophy buckles fit under the glass nicely and those probably will stay most of the time.

1st holiday we have after purchase is the 4th of July so here we go with our 4th of July bar cart ~

Also in July is our anniversary.  We were married at the MGM in Las Vegas so we have ~

 Yes, I love Sunflowers, not a fan of roses
 That's as far as we have gotten with our bar cart decorating.  Looking forward to what we come up with in the future.  I do love the change of view in that little corner and really it isn't that much effort!

We have moved along into the holidays updating the bar cart as we go ~

And one of my favorites so far ~ Hot Chocolate bar ~

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