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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The matching set is it really all that??

Craig and I have been married 20+ yrs now.  About 10 yrs ago we bought our first brand new washer & dryer set.  I can remember walking into the store and picking out our pewter color set with matching pedestals.  I thought then that Wow we have "made" it no more hand me down appliances and this beautiful expensive set is ours, we picked it out, will have it delivered and it kind of shows that we have grown up and "arrived" as mature adults.

I know weird but something inside me said buying this expensive matching appliance set with extra pedestals really did say grown up and achievement.

Fast forward 10 years.  The washer sounds like a freight train coming through the utility room and the appliance repair person says the unthinkable...replacing it is better than fixing it and this color probably isn't available anymore.

Off we go to look at washing machines and we find out this color isn't available any more.  Something inside me says no we can't have a miss matching washer & dryer.  I know its just colors but deep down my inner self is saying your appliances need to match, grown up adults that have it together have matching appliances.

We walk upon a beautiful washer loaded with all the perks, it will talk to my cell phone!  It is a display model on sale as they are putting new ones out.  The price is amazing and it is the same brand LG which I do love.  It will also fit on the existing pedestal.  What's holding me back.... it is white. My dryer is pewter my pedestals are pewter this great washer is white.

The new washer is in.  Yes, it's white and yes deep down I still think appliances should match but the grown up mature adult in me is saying this price couldn't be beat and it's the upgraded have everything model that I am loving so really it's ok my washer is white and my dryer is pewter.

(After all, eventually the dryer will go out and I will replace it with a White one and then again I will match)!

If you get nothing from this post get this ~ colored appliances are gorgeous but go with white!

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